Flawless Mini blender sponge

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The Flawless Mini sponge is perfect for those small hard to reach areas of the face. Use it to evenly blend foundation and concealer. You can blush and use with powder formulas for a smooth, enhanced finish.

 The latex free sponge is ultra-soft, non-sensitive, flake resistant and long wearing. It absorbs less product to hold only what is absolutely necessary.

Usage instructions

For liquid or cream products, dampen it lightly with water before use and squeeze delicately. This will open the cell structure of the hydrophilic sponge and prevent make-up from being absorbed into the sponge.This means you can use less product. It also makes it easier and more comfortable to apply.

Work in the make-up of the skin with light pressing movements. Use the round part for the larger areas and more pointed part for smaller areas.

Read how to care for your sponges here 

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