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Aura of elegance inspired by nature 

At Hanlux you can shop the best natural and organic beauty care products for black beauty, including skin care, makeup and more.A clear and even skin tone, discoloration and spot free, is what most women desire. At Hanlux, we understand that African skin containsmore melanin, a substance that provides the pigment that darkens the skin,however this can also make dark skin more prone to blemishes and discolorations. To keep your skin looking fresh and radiant, shop our Hanlux beauty products, to nurture your natural beauty and enhance your complexion.


Discover the best skin care in organic beauty.  All our skincare products are natural, organic and ethically sourced with every exceptional product produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Created with black beauty in mind, our products redefine high-streetwhitening treatments, offering you the best brightening products available on the market. 

From fade out, blemish free, kissable matte and glossy lips to glowing dark chocolate, hot diva looks, customers need look no further than Hanlux’s range of organic handmade skincare and makeup products. All our makeup products are EU compliant registered and ensure you will look like a makeup pro.



Shop Hanlux’s Hi-Def foundation, made specifically for dark skin-toned divas, created to look and feel amazing. This formula provides medium to full coverage while hiding imperfections and keeping shine at bay, making it perfect for oily skin. It gives a dewy finish and won’t rub off on clothes. It contains collagen, an anti-ageing formula which helps with puffiness. It is water resistant, soft and long lasting; your foundation will look flawless even after 15 hours!

Advanced Organic Brightening cream

Shop Hanlux’s best-selling advanced organic brightening cream  to brighten, hydrate and protect your skin while reducing imperfections. Our moisturizer fades discoloration, reduces hyperpigmentation, fades dark spots and blemish marks, giving you the radiant skin you desire.

Dark Spots Fading Moisturiser

Shop Hanlux’s best-selling dark spots fading moisturizer to hydrate and protect your skin while reducing imperfections. Our moisturizer fades discoloration, age spots and blemish marks, giving you the radiant skin you desire.


Shop Hanlux’s range of kissable matte liquid velvet lipsticks. Load your lips with our pigment-rich lipsticks, choosing from a range of colours in matte finish for an irresistibly velvet look. Our complex formulacombines rich pigments and light oils for long-wearing lipstick that never gets dry. Don’t forget to get matching lip pencil to contour.


Unearth 100% natural and organic skin care products to brighten your skin today.

Hanlux offer a range of premium, healthy and natural skincare and makeup products created specifically for African skin and made with all natural ingredients. With Hanlux products, you can maintain the radiance of best-selling makeup whilst showing off your beautiful skin. All our skincare products are free from chemicals and 100% organic, packed full of vitamins and natural agents that will boost your skin’s moisture and counter aging. Our organic products are good for the environment as well as your skin – they even smell amazing too!

Hanlux will have you stepping out like a diva and makeup Pro. From eyes to lips,Hanlux is where you will find luxury high-end, quality skincare and makeup products for women exuding an aura of elegance beautifully inspired by nature.