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At Hanlux you can shop the best natural and organic beauty care products for black beauty, including skin care, makeup and more. A clear and even skin tone, discoloration and spot free, is what most women desire. At Hanlux, we understand that African skin contains more melanin, a substance that provides the pigment that darkens the skin, however this can also make dark skin more prone to blemishes and discolorations. To keep your skin looking fresh and radiant, shop our Hanlux beauty products, to nurture your natural beauty and enhance your complexion. Read more >>


"Get a fresh skin with our Organic range, a Camera ready primer, a Hi-Def foundation, Dual powder, eyeshadow palette/pot and intense matte lipstick applied with our deluxe soft bristle brushes. Your face makeup is complete for any occasion."

makeup remover

"Try our unique Hanlux organic brightening cleanser, handmade and specially formulated with Ylang Ylang and Papaya extract. It removes make up and impurities whilst boosting cell renewal for a clear, bright and even complexion." shop now


"Start turning heads with our hot primary coloured luxurious shades of Lipsticks and Matte Liquid Lipstick pens. Red coloured Just Out, blue Bruised or green Snake bite! Gliding on effortlessly as they set to a matte, transfer-free finish with amazing staying power"