As a young girl growing up in a little town in Ghana, I used to admire the bright colourful lipstick, makeup and nail polish the ladies put on. I love flowers and as I started picking them, I discovered some gave colourful pigments when rubbed between the fingers.  I started using red, pink and fuchsia Bougainvillea flower pigments as lipstick since age 9. Despite my legal and nursing background, I have loved using makeup - initially eye pencils, brown powder and white talc from childhood. Besides clothes, what I wear as a makeup or put on my skin has been carefully selected to make sure I am at my best when out. After several months of research, I have launched “Hanlux” cosmetics for women who love luxury quality and affordable products.  Hanlux is an aura of elegance inspired by nature.

I have had experiences through travelling where finding makeup products for my skin colour has not been easy. I have been hopping from one shop to the other, searching online and asking for recommendations. My dream was to have my very own exclusive collection for discerning women and now that has become a reality, I introduce Hanlux collection for ladies everywhere, especially dark skin toned women. In collaboration with amazing team of lab chemists and manufacturers in UK and Canada, Hanlux product range has been created to get the bold and beautiful ‘Hanlux look’.  I’m proud to state all our skincare and some of our makeup products are handmade in Britain with organic materials. They are ethically sourced, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Halal Certified beauty products. Not only is Hanlux skincare collection EU cosmetics compliant, all products are not tested on animals and are palm oil free. No nasty chemicals or additives. Check our ingredients. 

I will be sharing all my beauty secrets with you. I am looking forward to see how beautiful everyone is going to look and wants you to share with others. Use the hashtag #Hanlux to share your gorgeous photos on our social media platforms.

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